A chance to share your story

homeschool-familyOne of the goals of AHEPS is to foster a better understanding of the diverse reasons why families choose home education, and the benefits that they realize. We think that telling stories is a good way to do this.

Please send us a paragraph with your family’s story. You may include a picture and/or your name if you choose, but we initially will communicate the stories anonymously, and of course will never share your identity to anyone without your permission. We hope to eventually expand this project into a repository of hundreds or even thousands of stories illustrating many aspects of home education and hopefully busting some preconceptions that people have.

We have an introductory meeting with Alberta Education tomorrow (Friday, Nov 17) and would like to leave them with some reading material, so if you can get them to us right away, that would be great. But it is not urgent and we will happily receive your stories any time.

Thanks for your input!  Please email your stories to vicepresident@aheps.ca

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