AHEPS Goals For 2017-2018

AHEPS met with Alberta Education on 5 occasions last year advocating for the wishes of our members as indicated on surveys. AHEPS is a stakeholder just like the Alberta Teachers Association and has a voice on ANY issue of education, not just home education. We are continuing advocacy on a number of issues from last year and a few new ones this year.

This year, our advocacy goals for home education are:

  • Funding for home education kindergarten.
  • Hold the line on increased restriction in reimbursements and program planning. Advocate for removal of the Standards.
  • AHEPS advocates for increased funding for home education sustainability that will allow school boards to cover their administration costs and parents to access adequate resources for all students including Kindergarten and especially children with special needs.
  • AHEPS advocates for lowering the age of writing diploma exams to 16, from 19 years.

Our advocacy goals for online, blended, teacher-directed programs are:

  • When blended or aligned parents have the Spring visit, they are shamed for not having enough work/output turned in to the school, and we advocate on their behalf. Along those lines we are pushing for greater clarity of teacher, parent, and student roles in distance education, teacher directed and online education. Our input was welcomed in the new Online Learning Toolkit for families that will be released in January 2018.
  • We also advocated for greater sharing of textbooks and resources from the schools.
  • We are pushing for a lower age to write diploma exams from age 19 to 16.
  • We have a say in the curriculum review which affects families if they choose to follow the Alberta Program of Studies.

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